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As the premier resource for tile and stone in Massachusetts, Tiles Direct Store wants Stoughton residents to know that we serve your city. Business is booming for renovation projects and new buildings and we want it to be known that we serve many communities in addition to Norwood. Stoughton residents have access to the same quality materials, the same affordable prices and the same amazing customer service. 

You don’t have to live down the block to get the best deals on renovation materials. At Tiles Direct Norwood we have stone and tile shipped in from all over the world.

From stunning, authentic items from Italy to hand painted tiles from Spain, we have the brands, styles, colors and sizes you want for any renovation project. The size and scope of your project is not an issue either.

We feel a tiny bathroom remodel deserves the same attention to detail as a large office building. No job is ever too big or too small. Contact us today or call us and let us help you get started on your dream space. 

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