Emil Ceramica, Modena, Italy

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Emil Ceramica

Emil Ceramica, Modena, Italy

Ceramic tiles, Marble tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone

Emil Ceramic is one of the largest industrial holdings producing tile for floor and walls in Italy. Established in 1961, the company has grown from a small production facility to a large holding with full control of the entire production cycle. Emil Ceramic are able to select the best and purest raw materials for their tiles since the holding includes several raw material companies. The production and design operations are also in full control of the holding. So when choosing Emil Ceramic products you always get the highest quality of service and full guarantee of durability for every single tile you buy, no matter how large or sophisticated your task is. The sheer elegance and refined designs of Emil Ceramic tiles have always been the main reason why people choose this particular brand of Italian tiles. The love for elegant yet practical industrial design is common for most Italian brands, and Emil Ceramic is certainly a great example of this trait. So make sure to get your hands on the latest Emil Ceramic catalogue as soon as you can to see the outstanding designs they have to offer for this season - you won\'t be disappointed.

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