La Faenza, Bologna, Italy

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La Faenza

La Faenza, Bologna, Italy

Ceramic tiles

If there's a mix between fine arts and practical product design, La Faenza tiles definitely represent such a mixture. Considered as one of the best Italian tile brands, La Faenza Ceramica is a great example of the mastery and inspiration that go hand to hand with innovative production and modern techniques complimenting each other. The success of La Faenza products is largely owed to the talent of Carlo Zauli, who became the head designer of the company in 1960's and since then has managed to create true works of art by using ceramics and other tiling materials. And even today each and every product line offered by the company bears the heavy influence of the outstanding visionary and one of the founders of the modern Italian ceramic design school. All of the products offered by La Faenza are created from the purest raw materials the industry has to offer. The production process involves precise techniques and thorough quality control so you can always rest assured in the quality and durability of every single tile created by La Faenza. And needless to say, the palette of designs ranging from natural material imitation to the most avant-garde and most-modernist patterns is just what a person needs when looking for a truly exquisite and high-level Italian tile product.

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