Roca Tile, Barcelona, Spain

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Roca Tile

Roca Tile, Barcelona, Spain

Ceramic tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone

Founded in the year 1917 by the Roca brothers, the company at the outset was occupied with the production of iron radiators. Roca Tile Company is a milestone of tile industry for a little more than a century, and still holds a position of the market leader in most areas. With numerous factories and affiliates worldwide, Roca Tile can provide a basis the most ambitious business projects in the most imaginably largest scales. An extensive selection of tile products of admirable quality allows Roca propose not only finishing solution for bathrooms, but also materials for the entire house, interior and for all other possible applications, such as the picturesque facades of buildings and different design technical floors. The Roca Tile quality level sets precision to the industrial processes for optimum durability, preservation and decorative glaze nuances, colour fastness, exactitude in formats and perfect smoothness of the surface at each point of the flawless tile.

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